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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! All of our orders are shipping with immediate tracking, you can see exactly where your order is using the "Track Your Order" page on our site.
That is possible, the enhance will give your skin a boost.
We made sure that while using the product it will be as if your at the spa.
The life of our massager pen last for hours. No need to worry about when do charge it.
Yes you can just contact our email support and we will get back.
We recommend that is not necessary, although keep the uses with time apart.
We make all our products simple so our customers love them.
Yes all our products are made with top quality.
100+ Reviews
4 In 1 Ultrasonic Facial Brush
100+ Reviews
Revitalizing Eye Massager Pen
100+ Reviews
Ultrasound EMS Body Slimming Massager